Setting Up A Better Manufacturing Area

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Setting Up A Better Manufacturing Area

After a few members of our team were injured in serious accidents, I decided that it would be smart to take a closer look at our setup. Instead of ignoring some of the issues and forgetting about older equipment, we started thinking carefully about how each piece operated and how we could improve our workflow. We were able to identify several large issues with our procedures, and it really helped to boost productivity and safety in our workspace. I decided to make this blog for any business owner that is concerned about creating a safer environment for their employees and their clients.

Projects That Structural Steel Fabricators Can Effectively Support

When you need structural steel manipulated a certain way, it is best to hire a structural steel fabricator. They will already have the right equipment and material knowledge to help you with different projects. Here are a couple of things that can be supported by these professionals. Tall Walkways In order to effectively walk around machinery on sites, sometimes tall walkways are needed. Then professionals can safely navigate the worksite to perform inspections and relevant machine repairs. Read More 

PCB Transformer Disposal: What To Know

Your facility might have a number of transformers on-site that are needed to help power equipment and machines. If you are using transformers that are decades old, however, you might not know if they are using polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, in some capacity. Keep reading to find out more about these compounds and the disposal of transformers that are contaminated with them. What are PCBs? Polychlorinated biphenyls are toxic chemicals that can be found in oil and cooling liquids that older transformers use. Read More 

How to Get the Best Possible Use Out of Industrial Plastic Tubing

You might already know that plastic tubing is an industry-standard for moving all sorts of fluids in industrial settings. If you are planning on putting plastic tubing to use in your own facility, you are probably hoping that you can count on it to perform well and serve your company's needs properly. These are some of the things that you can do if you want to get the best possible use out of your industrial plastic tubing. Read More 

Hazardous Waste In Healthcare Facilities: Common Shortcomings

Healthcare facilities deal with an enormous amount of hazardous waste on any given day, with much of the waste posing serious risks to the staff, patients, and the general public. Given these risks, government agencies have regulations in place that determine how hazardous medical waste should be handled. However, for many reasons, not every facility follows these guidelines; here are some reasons why. Lack of Knowledge By far, a leading reason for waste handling failures is a lack of knowledge. Read More 

Steeling Up For Economic Boom: Is The Steel Industry Ready?

Once, steel was everything. In a nation that was constantly growing, steel magnates had power. They were responsible for building up and tearing down thousands of buildings, reinforcing hundreds more, and employing hundreds of thousands of Americans. Things sort of petered out after that boom, resulting in quieter daily operation in most steel factories. Ergo, it begs the question, "Is America on the verge of another economic boom in the steel industry? Read More