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Setting Up A Better Manufacturing Area

After a few members of our team were injured in serious accidents, I decided that it would be smart to take a closer look at our setup. Instead of ignoring some of the issues and forgetting about older equipment, we started thinking carefully about how each piece operated and how we could improve our workflow. We were able to identify several large issues with our procedures, and it really helped to boost productivity and safety in our workspace. I decided to make this blog for any business owner that is concerned about creating a safer environment for their employees and their clients.

PCB Transformer Disposal: What To Know

Your facility might have a number of transformers on-site that are needed to help power equipment and machines. If you are using transformers that are decades old, however, you might not know if they are using polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, in some capacity. Keep reading to find out more about these compounds and the disposal of transformers that are contaminated with them.

What are PCBs?

Polychlorinated biphenyls are toxic chemicals that can be found in oil and cooling liquids that older transformers use. They have been linked to neurological problems in fetuses and certain types of cancers in adults. These chemicals can also affect the environment. 

These chemicals were used before it was known how harmful they can be. If you have newer transformers that were installed over the last decade, PCBs are unlikely to be an issue for you.

How Do You Know If PCBs Are Used By Your Older Transformers?

Typically, a nameplate on a transformer will be the thing you're looking for when you're on the search for this kind of information. Transformer nameplates have details about the type of oil or cooling liquid being used; looking up the liquid should alert you to the use of PCBs, if present. If you or people on your team have difficulty with identifying the presence of PCBs, a disposal company can guide you through that task so you know with certainty.

Will Your Electricity Supply Go Out When You Dispose of Your Old Transformer?

Companies that dispose of PCB transformers will typically be able to transfer electricity to another piece of equipment while removing the contaminated transformer. Your facility need not be without power. 

How Quickly Should You Get Rid of a Transformer with PCBs?

As soon as you're able to ascertain whether PCBs are being used, it is smart to remove them from your site. Doing so will reduce risk to you, your employees and any guests your facility has. A company that offers PCB transformer disposal can let you know the safest way to remove a contaminated transformer; they will also take care with the process to ensure that no chemicals are accidentally leaked.

If you're wondering whether your transformers have PCBs or need to get rid of transformers, give a disposal company a call. In days, you can be sure that the facility will soon have a new transformer and that no one on your site will be affected by PCBs.